About the program

Introducing the ECOWAS Academic Mobility Scheme:

The ECOWAS Academic Mobility Scheme is an initiative that is a response to the recommendation of the ECOWAS Ministers in charge of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The ECOWAS Ministers recommended, inter alia, that the ECOWAS Commission should “Create within the region, an academic mobility system for students and teachers (including diaspora) and encourage institutions to put in place language immersion programmes to promote mobility of students and teachers in the region.”

As a result of the foregoing, the ECOWAS Academic Mobility Scheme is being initiated by the Department of Education Science and Culture of the ECOWAS Commission to avail opportunities for universities and other higher institutions to derive optimum benefit from qualified and experienced lecturers for the delivery of highly specialized courses where lecturers are lacking or in short supply, and where the institutions are unable to employ full time lecturers. The Scheme will also avail the lecturers opportunities to fully develop their potentialities.

Furthermore, the Scholarships will awaken the consciousness of a borderless region among the students and afford them opportunities for personal development in highly specialized fields and; contribute to the production a critical mass of highly skilled personnel that will promote research and development in the region.

Objectives of the ECOWAS Academic Mobility Scheme are to:

  •  Increase access to education in areas of strategic importance to the region by providing scholarships at Masters and PhD levels;
  •   Increase the knowledge base of the region and promote research
  •   Promote exchange of ideas, information and academic materials among universities and other higher institutions;
  •   Provide opportunities for lecturers to fully utilize their potentials
  •   Improve the quality of delivery of education in Member States
  •   Promote personal development/learning among the scholarship awardees

Areas of discipline for the ECOWAS Academic Mobility Scheme include:

  1. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM);
  2. Earth and Life Sciences including Environment and Climate Change;
  3. Health (Medical, Veterinary and Health Sciences);
  4. Agriculture;
  5. History of Africa; and
  6. Information Communication Technology